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May 2007



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May. 10th, 2007


Here It Is...

Okay, folks! Here it is! Since you've ruined two communities, one on LJ and now one off of it, I'm giving you what you obviously want. Please take your whining, your complaining, your posts of disgusting ailments, your posts of every little thing you've done since you got up and post it HERE.

People DON'T GIVE A SHIT! We are bored with the details of how many cups of coffee you drank and what color your shit was. Your life is boring, why the hell must you bore us with it? We are sickened with the details of your medical ailments. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. We are annoyed with your 'announcing' your arrival on the board for the day and the explanation of where you've been. WE DON'T CARE, WE DIDN'T MISS YOU! You don't need to individually address EVERY PERSON ON THE BOARD in your posts.

I made a special place just for you and if you're one of these people, you know it. Please commiserate on that site and stop polluting every board on the 'net with the boredom of your lives. WE DON'T CARE! (are ya understandin' yet?...YOU'RE ANNOYING! This is why you don't have real life friends and must resort to wrangling pity from people on message boards.)

Apr. 27th, 2007


Hurrican Katrina 'Victims' & Moving On

Let's start this entry on this basis: Those that had something to lose in Hurricane Katrina have long since moved on. They've picked up the tattered and torn pieces of their lives and reassembled them, either back in New Orleans or in a new location. Those who had little to nothing to lose, who were already destitute and yes, living off of our tax dollars, are the only ones still complaining about the lack of help, about the lack of current opportunities and still living in government paid for housing (ie: FEMA trailers still set up in the area.)

Five months after Katrina, in February of 2006, there was outrage when FEMA began phasing out paid-for hotel rooms for 4,400 New Orleans residents & 12,000 around the nation. FIVE months of living in a hotel, of not paying a dime, of not needing money for rent or utilities. FIVE months. These 'victims' weren't just thrown out on the street though, oh no. They were given $1,800 for rent or housing as they left their already paid for hotels. Of the 12,000 people whose benefit ended Monday, 10,500 have received rental assistance or a trailer, said Libby Turner, head of the Hurricane Katrina/Rita Transitional Housing Unit at FEMA.

Let's stop right here for a moment. WHAT IN THE HELL???? Why is a natural disaster the fault or responsibility of the government? Why do our tax dollars pay for such nonsense? A horrible event to occur, no doubt. Nothing has been done since the beginning but finger-pointing and blaming of the government in this situation. The Army built poor leeves. The government didn't bus people out. The government didn't move into the area fast enough. First of all, New Orleans is ridiculous in its pursuit of money ($77 BILLION) from the Army Corps of Engineers for, 'faulty construction'. What did the city do to maintain these decades old leeves? The government didn't bus people out? What? Why didn't the city of New Orleans bus them out? Why did the city wait around on the federal government? These same people whining about not getting bussed out sat on their lazy asses for at least five days while they watched the reports of the incoming storm. Don't have a car? TAKE A BUS or WALK. Basically, stop placing blame. The government didn't move in fast enough after? I don't even know what to say to this except, "waaah waaah waaah ."

So after five months of paid housing and checks in hand, what's the issue? People have no place to go. Well, after five months, why not? Is the government supposed to locate your next home for you too? Go in, sign the lease, sign for the keys, move in furnishings, stock your fridge and then carry you in with waving palm leaves? Has there been any gratitude for what has been so generously given? Not that I've seen. In fact, some of the people, when forced to leave the hotels, threatened hotel employees and armed guards had to be brought in. Get off your lazy fucking ass, the world owes you nothing, I owe you nothing!

Just this week, American Idol featured a piece on charity work. Randy Jackson visited New Orleans and families still living in FEMA trailers. Apparently these permanent residents of the FEMA park missed that the housing was supposed to be temporary (let's not forget to place adequate blame on FEMA for continuing to allow people to live there.) My interest in the plight of these people stops right there. NINETEEN months after Katrina, people are still living in FEMA trailers. If this fact is supposed to bring out sympathy in me, it doesn't. It brings out anger. What has happened to personal responsibility? What has happened to taking pride in working hard to provide things for yourself and for your children? It is lost because our government has made being lazy and irresponsible too easy.

Ray Naggin, go hang your head in shame. The only thing you've done is set the standard and example for people to whine and extort money out of whomever they can. You've set zero standard for picking up your life and moving on. At every turn, all I've seen from you is blame and anger. Blame that more wasn't done for your community before the hurricane, blame that after, not only was too little done but it was done too slowly. Anger that FEMA wasn't giving enough aid, anger that FEMA was cutting off aid too quickly. Anger and complaining that rebuilding efforts aren't being conducted quickly enough.

Here's a hint: The majority of New Orleans lies approximately 6 feet below sea level. The city is in a hurricane-prone area. Hurricanes have occurred there before, they will happen there again. The city has been aware for decade after decade that one day, the, 'big one' would hit. New Orleans, before Katrina, was run down, nasty, full of poverty and yes, full of welfare recipients. The crime rate in New Orleans has long been discussed and known as an issue. Katrina displaced and the government paid for the moving of these denizens into Texas (and other states, but a large part were sent to Texas). The violent crime rate in the areas where Katrina 'victims' were sent in Texas has gone up as much as 30%. I'm sure Texas thanks you. These violent offenders, that our tax dollars are paying for, are the same ones whining about the assistance, or lack thereof in their opinion, that they are being given.

Let's emphasize the 'given' part because the housing, the money, the benefits aren't a loan that must repaid. 'Given' is exactly the right word because it seems the majority of the ungrateful aren't even doing anything productive with what they've been GIVEN. They aren't out taking any job they can get, they aren't out looking for further training to better their lives, they aren't out looking for better housing. What a slap in the face! Someone gives you the tools to rebuild your life and what do you do? You bitch about what you've been given, you bitch about what you don't have and then, you shit on what has been generously given. I would feel at least a little better about the billions that has been poured into the 'victims' if: a)they had been hard-working in the first place and suffered great loss b)they were hard working now c)they were showing signs of gratitude by making a massive effort not only rebuild their lives but better their lives. Why do we continue to give to what is the equivalent of bratty, spoiled children? When a child is undeserving, you don't continue to reward them. You don't continue to encourage their behavior.

I return to my original point. Those who had something to lose, even if it wasn't property or a home ownership, have moved on. Even those that were left behind by the government, not bussed out, not rescued and towed out immediately after, the ones that had something, have moved on. The people that had pride, a strong work ethic, a desire to make their own way in the world and not be dependent, they began moving on the next day. Those that took the minimum amount of assistance they needed or no help at all, those that relied on their own will and fight to survive, those that wanted a rebuilt life, their new life started as soon as the skies cleared. Those that were already lazy, thieving, criminals, those that were already leeching off the government and every system they could, those drains on society that aren't worth or time or efforts, they are the only ones still looking for more, still waiting for a ship to come rescue them and make their lives better.

When will people realize that they are the only ones responsible for their misfortunes, even when it comes in the form of a natural disaster? When the government stops any and all social assistance, that's when. When personal responsibility once again becomes personal and not governmental.

Apr. 25th, 2007


The Problem With Minimum Wage & Raising It

Minimum Wage is a BAD thing, designed to keep the poor, poor. Raising the minimum wage will only cause more problems, the least of which will be GREATER unemployment rates.

If you are a minimum wage earner, there is a larger chance that you will end up on the unemployment line. If you don't earn minimum wage, even if you earn barely above that amount, expect higher prices for every day goods with no change what so ever in your income. In fact, it's likely that other wages will be driven down as a result of accommodating a minimum wage hike. MINIMUM WAGE KEEPS SALARIES DOWN.

The House has passed a minimum wage hike, raising the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25. This still must be approved by the Senate and the President, going through the full democratic process. Before you break out your glasses to celebrate, consider this. (**Since first writing this article, the min wage increase has been approved.**)

Now I'm farily liberal & open minded, for the most part (actually, it's more accurate to refer to my political beliefs as mainly Libertarian which are not necessarily, "liberal"). A registered Libertarian, I despise Bush and 99% of what he stands for but he is right in being against this. There is a HUGE problem with raising the minimum wage and it's best explained as thus:

While I do know that it's not possible to live off of $5.15 per hour, the current minimum wage (and more places than you'd care to know pay that low, sadly) I do know that raising the minimum wage will INCREASE the unemployment rate (currently at 4%, although the quality of jobs is to be debated).

Say you run a small business and you employ 6 people currently at a min wage rate ($5.15). You spend (approx) $64,272 per year on salaries. Now, if minimum wage is raised to the new proposed rate,($7.25 per hr) you ll now have to spend (approx) $90,480 per year in salaries. Where will this extra money come from? If you raise the price of, for example, a deli sandwich and coke from the current price of $2.99, how much more do you figure your customers will pay? The answer is that in order to maintain business, you ll have to cut down to around 4 employees.

Now, we'll refer to the minimum wage earner as, "the little guy" as he/she is often irreverently referred to in the work force. Is the, "little guy" going to start paying $7.50 at your local diner instead of $5.00 for that lunch sandwich special, even if his income goes up? Nope. He'll find somewhere else to frequent. In fact, if he's going to pay the new rate of $7.50, he's effectively still earning $5.15 an hour and paying $5.00 for that meal. There has been no financial gain and the "little guy" is far more likely to be headed for the unemployment line.

The mere phrase, "minimum wage" should raise a BIG red flag. It is illogical to expect to have a decent wage with such a term in place. Hong Kong has no min wage, yet one of the highest standards of living in the world. Make no mistake, min wage keeps, "the little guy" down & keeps wages down in general. It lowers, "the little guy's" bargaining power...in fact, it does away with it all together. Min Wage is a measure of control, just like welfare & other such social programs, designed to keep the poor, poor.

Yes, social programs and the minimum wage are designed and put in place to keep the poor, poor. Shocked? It's true. This isn't to say that welfare and other such social programs do not have their place, they do. The problem is that the way our government currently implements such programs does nothing to better those receiving them. It is a cyclical program designed for people to never get out of it. That's another post entirely though.

Apr. 24th, 2007



I brought up the issue of welfare and social aid programs on an LJ Community and received some feedback that really made me think. Ideas that came from that community are noted (*) as such. Even though they are ideas that have been espoused by others before, I don't like taking credit for what didn't naturally or originally occur to me.

Welfare and Social Programs are something I'm remiss to talk about, usually out of fear for offending someone or being politically incorrect. Lately though, I've cared less and less about political correctness and this is, after all, my journal. So here goes. When it comes to welfare, I think the government should withdraw from involvement completely. In agreement with the Libertarian Party's stance, I think that all social aid should come from the private sector. Here is a short rendering of why government sponsored welfare should end.

None of the proposals currently being advanced by either conservatives or liberals is likely to fix the fundamental problems with our welfare system. Current proposals for welfare reform, including block grants, job training, and "workfare" represent mere tinkering with a failed system.

It is time to recognize that welfare cannot be reformed: it should be ended.

We should eliminate the entire social welfare system. This includes eliminating AFDC, food stamps, subsidized housing, and all the rest. Individuals who are unable to fully support themselves and their families through the job market must, once again, learn to rely on supportive family, church, community, or private charity to bridge the gap.

(Read more here, as well as answers for where social assistance should come from.)

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Wow! Talk about a freakin" whack nut! CajunCook, who was banned from the RRSux & GB Communities several weeks ago, has quite the obsession. I might add that Ms. Cajun was banned by the founder of the community, not by myself or by another co-mod, yet she has taken quite a bent towards Nora & me.

Apparently, this insane person reads the two aforementioned communities regularly and then comments in her personal journal about what Nora & I say. Did I mention she was banned weeks ago? One could argue that she's merely doing it to get under our skin and had she been booted just a few days ago, I'd buy this argument. But weeks later? That qualifies her as a sicko psycho.

Yes folks, she's crazier than even this bitch!

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